Happy Canada Day

How can we be social on Canada Day but still eat healthy? 

I wish you and your family all of the best this Canada day long weekend. There will be lots of parties and events to mark the important birthday.
I know many of you are trying to make positive choices with how you live your life by moving more often and eating lots of foods that nourish your body. My daughter asked me today how she can be social on Canada Day but still eat healthy so here goes:

  1. Remember that it is visiting with friends that makes it a party- not the food
  2. Drink a few glasses of water before the party to make sure you are hydrated and not mistaking thirst for hunger
  3. Give yourself 1 “cheat” meal over the weekend but make it only 1 meal and don’t go up for seconds
  4. Sit or stand away from the appetizers
  5. If you are hosting let people chose their portion sizes
  6. Eat enough at dinner that you are not tempted by late night snacks
  7. Tell yourself no treat unless you have eaten your 10 fruits and vegetables for the day
  8. Enjoy your treat- take a deep breath and savour it instead of mindlessly eating empty calories
  9. Think how good you will feel in the morning and how much energy you will have when you nourish your body with good food
  10. Ask friends and family to go for a walk after dinner before desert—that sweet craving may just disappear…



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