Improve your shoulder function and ease shoulder pain

Exercises to reduce shoulder pain

A big thank you to Frieda, a Vintage Fitness personal trainer who suggested this blog topic.  Frieda reminded me that so many of our 50+ clients have injured their shoulders in the past and have limited mobility in their shoulders and often have pain.

The shoulder is a ball and socket joint so they are designed to have a broad range of motion but are also highly susceptible to injury. 

A few tips to improve your shoulder mobility and ease shoulder pain:

Don’t work through sharp pain this is your bodies way of telling you to stop what you are doing.  Some dull achy pain especially if arthritis may be ok to work through gently.

Warmup your body and shoulders before strength training.

Shoulder Warmup Video:

Start with shoulder mobility exercises and then move to strengthening and stretching. 

Shoulder mobility exercise Video:

You have three parts of your shoulder the front (anterior deltoids), the middle (lateral deltoids) and the back (posterior deltoids).  Clients often are strong in the front of their shoulders but very weak in the middle and backs of their shoulders.  Focus on strengthening the back and sides of your shoulders and stretching the front of your shoulders.

Back of the shoulder strengthening exercise Video:

Side of the shoulder strengthening exercise Video:

Stretch the front of your shoulders Video:

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