Sneaking exercise into your day. Using your stairs

Balance exercises to reduce the risk of falling

This is week two of a blog series all about sneaking exercise into your day. If you didn’t catch my blog last week I reminded you that we all know the importance of exercise to our health yet 60% of Canadian seniors spend two-thirds of their waking hours sitting. The idea of this three week blog series is to provide a common trigger that most people do in their day to remind you to sneak some exercise into your day. This week the trigger is when you sit down on your stairs or front bench to put on your shoes.

1. Steps ups

Great exercise for strengthening your legs to improve balance and stability.  To incorporate some extra brain boosting benefits try stepping up with your non-dominant leg.

2. Hip Stretch

Most of us are tight in our hips which can lead to low back pain and issues walking properly.  This stretch is also great for people that suffer from sciatica.

3. Stair hamstring stretch

Use your stairs to stretch out the back of your legs and your lower back.  This stretch feels great and will improve your walking performance.

If you have any exercises that you “sneak” into your everyday activities I would love you hear about them for next weeks blog.

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