Balance exercises to prepare you for spring

Balance exercises to reduce the risk of falling

As the weather warms we all come out of our shells and get out and enjoy spring.  If you have been less active over the winter months this can put you at greater risk for a fall.  Over the next 3 blogs I will show you lots of different balance exercises to make sure you go into the spring feeling stable and balanced.

1. Walk the Line

You can make this exercise more difficult by turning your head side to side when you do it and you can make it easier by taking wider steps.

2. Balance exercises

Strengthen your feet and calfs to help you improve your balance and stability.

Vintage Fitness personal trainers have taken extensive balance training.  If you are interested in a balance assessment and balance training drop me an email and a 50+ fitness expert will come to your home or condo gym.

Good Luck!


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