How do I use my condo gym equipment?

Safe stability ball (big exercise ball) exercises

The Vintage Fitness personal training team work with clients over 50 in condo gyms across the Greater Toronto Area.  We are a team of 10 experts in 50+ fitness that know the most common pieces of exercise equipment found in condo gyms and how best to use them.  Personal trainers tend to use minimal equipment such as balls, free weights and exercise bands to challenge muscles in new ways and ensure that your dominant side isn’t taking over BUT if you are working out on your own the condo weight equipment is an effective, safe way to strength train.  This is the first in a 4-part blog series all about how best to use your condo gym equipment.  In this blog I show you how you can use the big exercise balls that are common in condo exercise rooms in safe ways.

Safe stability ball (big exercise ball) exercises

The purpose of stability balls is to challenge your core muscles as you do various other exercises.  The ball can be quite unsteady to sit or lay on so a good place to start working with a stability ball is against the wall.  If you are ready to try sitting on the ball back it into a corner first so that it can’t roll backwards.

Upper Back

Chest Press

Hamstring Exercise

Next week I will cover how to best strengthen your back with the weight machines often found in condo gyms.  If you would like a Vintage Fitness personal trainer to come to your condo gym and show you how to use the equipment drop me a note

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