Easily put your bra on

Can’t easily get up from a low soft sofa? The following exercises will help you

I often come up with my blog topics based from issues that clients talk to my about in our initial consultations when they are considering working with a vintage fitness personal trainer.  This week a client mentioned that it was a real struggle for her to reach around and do up her bra every-day.  If you don’t wear a bra, these exercises are really about shoulder mobility and flexibility which help with posture, golf swings and neck pain.

Our shoulders are ball and socket joints which means that they are amazingly mobile which can lead to increased risk of injury.  Limited mobility in the shoulders can cause us to start using our neck in ways it wasn’t designed for, which leaves us with inflexible shoulders and a sore neck.

Do these exercises to improve your shoulder mobility and strength:

1. Stir the Pot

2. Chest stretch

3. Back row

4. Shoulder stretch

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