Making fitness resolutions work

Happy New Year! No matter how old I am the new year still brings a feeling of wanting to start new things, become healthier and create a positive shift in the relationships in my life.  Vintage fitness in home personal training has been in business for 12 years so we have a good understanding what increases chance for success.

    The biggest mistake we see clients make is creating goals that are enormous with no real plan or belief they can achieve the goal.  Start with a small achievable goal, have some success and move on from there.  Over the last year I have created 2 tube channels:, and
    with videos of exercises that we show clients everyday.  How about starting with a goal of doing 2 of the exercises 5 days a week for the month of January?
    When I make new eating or exercise goals it is easy to be hard of myself and let negative thinking about what I should have done differently take over.  This year beside your new goals write down the things that you are proud of in 2017.  For me I still drink more red wine than I should be I am getting better at meditating more often.
    The easiest way to kill a fitness goal is focus only on the numbers- body weight, waist measurement ,body fat %.  Health metrics are important but also write down how achieving the goal would impact your life—will you have more energy, be able to go on a trip you have always dreamed of? Add vibrant years to your life?
    If you have set the same resolution for the last 5 years and haven't managed it you may need some help.  If you need some help or advice about exercise or live in the Toronto area and are interested in at home personal training drop me a note and we can book a free 30 minute consultation.
    Our team of personal trainers spend time with clients during their first session transforming their wishes into tangible goals that can be written down, measured and tracked.  Goals such as “I would like to be stronger” turn into “Building leg strength as measured by the sit to stand test- improvement of 20% in the next 3 months”.

Good Luck


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