Making everyday activities feel easier, 4 of 5

Woman painting her toenails

This is week 4 of the blog series “making everyday activities feel easier”.  The topics are based on 12 years of clients asking Vintage Fitness trainers to help them to do these activities with ease.

This week is about how to paint your toenails and care for your feet. At first glance this topic may seem like a frivolous one.  It comes from a client who felt frustrated that she couldn’t reach done to paint her own toenails- once she improved her flexibility in the back of her legs and was able to do it she felt more independent and younger. If you would like free consultation with a 50+ fitness expert drop  me a note and a Vintage Fitness trainer (based in Toronto and surrounding areas) will come and help out.

  • The dog poo pickup
  • Putting luggage in the OH bin of an airplane
  • Getting up off the floor
  • Painting your toenails
  • Getting out of a deep sofa

Painting your Toenails

Tight hamstrings and hips are often the main issues for people that can’t reach their toes.  Even if you can reach your toes notice if you arch your lower back to do it or if you can keep a flat back and reach them.  Arching the back when reaching forward or down can put strain and cause back pain.

Try these exercises to make touching your toes easier

Improve Hamstring Flexibility: Toy Solider Exercise

  • Do this exercise beside a wall if you feel unsteady
  • Stand tall
  • Try 10 on either leg


Stretch your Hips


  • Sit with a tall spine
  • You can use a strap to help if you can’t bring your foot up to your opposite knee

Good Luck


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