Making everyday activities feel easier, 3 of 5

Getting up off the floor

Getting up off the floor

This is week 3 of the blog series “making everyday activities feel easier”.  The topics are based on 12 years of clients asking Vintage Fitness trainers to help them to do these activities with ease.

This week is about how to easily get up and off the floor. Older  Vintage Fitness clients are often nervous of getting up off the floor if they haven’t done it for years.  It is so important that people that live independently practice this skill. If you or someone in your life needs practice getting up and off the floor drop me a note and a Vintage Fitness trainer (based in Toronto and surrounding areas) will come and help out.

  • The dog poo pickup
  • Putting luggage in the OH bin of an airplane
  • Getting up off the floor
  • Painting your toenails
  • Getting out of a deep sofa

Getting up from the floor video

Chest strength, leg strength and balance are important when getting up from the floor.  This video goes through the process step by step.

Try these exercises to make getting off the floor easier

Build chest strength

  • Keep your shoulder relaxed
  • Stand tall
  • Try 15


Build leg strength


  • Do by the kitchen sink
  • Try 10 reps
  • Do a small squat if lunges cause knee pain

Improve Balance

  • Do beside a wall
  • Keep your core braced (like someone was going to punch you in the stomach)
  • To make this exercise harder look from side to side when walking


Good Luck


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