How to stay active while on holiday

It is the middle of July and most of us are either on holiday or planning it. It is easy to convince ourselves that we deserve a break from both our every day stresses and exercise. The amount of conditioning the you will lose with a break from exercise depends on how fit you currently are. has a great article called "move it or lose it" that describes how rest affects beginning exercisers and seasoned athletes differently.

Detraining in Fit Athletes

Deconditioning in fit athletes doesn't appear to happen as quickly or drastically as in beginning exercisers. One study looked at well-conditioned athletes who had been training regularly for a year. They then stopped exercise entirely. After three months, researchers found that the athletes lost about half of their aerobic conditioning.

Detraining in Beginning Athletes

The outcome is much different for new exercisers. Another study followed new exercisers as they began a training program and then stopped exercise. Researchers had sedentary individuals start a bicycle fitness program for two months. During those eight weeks, the exercisers made dramatic cardiovascular improvements and boosted their aerobic capacity substantially. At eight weeks, they quit exercising for the next two months. They were tested again and were found to have lost all of their aerobic gains and returned to their original fitness levels.

Here are a few tips to stay exercising on your holiday:

  1. Pack an exercise band: do 10 squats with the band underneath both feet everyday
  2. Try something new: if you are escaping the Toronto heat at a friend’s cottage try a lake swim
  3. Buy a skipping rope: skipping is a fantastic cardiovascular exercise that can be made easy or hard. Try 5 30 seconds slow skipping sets to start and build up from there.
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