Balance exercises to prevent falls, 3 of 3

Week 3

The most common reason that people fall is that they are too dependent on their visual balance and they trip on a curb or down the stairs when they are trying to carry something.  They are lots of ways that you can minimize the risk of falling such as reducing clutter, removing small mats that curl up and are a fall risk and installing grab bars in the bathroom which are critically important. 

This weeks blog focus is about testing your balance safely and developing your vestibular balance for times when you can’t rely on your vision.  One example is having to look suddenly to cross a street to make sure cars are not coming and stepping off a curb at the same time.

Make sure that you have a wall near you or a stable chair to hold onto before doing any balance training.


  • Make sure that you have a wall near you or a stable chair to hold onto before doing any balance training.
  • In the video I show how to progress this exercise from easier to harder by closing your eyes and balancing on a unstable surface
  • Balance training is just like strength training- if you stop doing it your balance will get worse

Standing Balance Series

Feet together- eyes open

1. Feet together- eyes open

The first step is testing your standing balance with your feet beside each other. If this is difficult without your shoes off start with your shoes on.

Hold for 30 seconds

Feet together- eyes closed

2. Feet together- eyes closed

Closing your eyes will force your vestibular balance system to develop

Hold for 30 seconds

Unstable surface- eyes open

3. Unstable surface- eyes open

Once you are balanced on a flat surface make it more difficult by stepping onto a surface like a pillow

Hold for 30 seconds

Unstable surface- turning head

4. Unstable surface- turning head

To make this harder turn your head side to side

10 times

Unstable surface- eyes closed

5. Unstable surface- eyes closed

This is the hardest balance exercise and should only be done if the first 4 exercises are done

Hold for 30 seconds

Good Luck


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