Balance exercises to prevent falls, 2 of 3

Last Friday in the first of the “balance exercises to prevent falls” I introduced the idea that many older adults rely too much on their vision to keep them balanced and they often lose balance when they can’t see the floor such as carrying a laundry basket or when they have to turn around to look at something.

This week’s exercise is a common leg exercise given by exercise professionals—the walking lunge.  Before you decide that you can’t lunge, think about what a great fall prevention exercise a walking lunge can be if it is done correctly.  Our Vintage Fitness personal trainers  teach clients to lunge because it strengthens their legs, feet and butt and it develops reaction time and the ability to step forward quickly and stop yourself from falling if you lose your balance. Walking lunges challenge our balance because it varies our base of support and requires relatively  quick changes in centre of mass. Both are things that need to occur to keep us from falling or catch us when we do.

Make sure that you have a wall near you or a stable chair to hold onto before doing any balance training.

Walking Lunge

Walking Lunge

Benefits of this exercise:

Develops strength in the legs and butt and improves balance


  • If you have arthritis in your knees make sure to bike or walk for 10-15 minutes to warm them up before doing this exercise
  • If you feel off balance do this exercise beside a wall for safety
  • Keep your chest lifted and line your knee over your ankle


Good Luck!


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