10 tips to sticking with exercise over the holidays

The holiday season is a difficult time of the year to keep fitness and weight under control. The winter, the parties, too much food. Here some practical advice to enjoy and survive this season

  1. Schedule your exercise sessions like you would a doctors appointment in your calendar
  2. Do a walking visit with a friend instead of a lunch
  3. Promise to buy yourself a treat in January if you walk 10,000 steps a day in the next 24 hours
  4. Write your new years resolutions now
  5. Plan to try on-line training for free in January with the founder of Vintage Fitness, Erin Billowits. I am running a “free upon completion” to keep you exercising.
  6. Build walking into the running around that you need to do before  the holidays- can you walk instead of taking the car to the bank or toy-store?
  7. Try the Vintage Fitness  full body exercise programs customized for people over 50
  8. Build your “dream week” including slots for exercise over the weekend- how       can you change your schedule to make at least part of your dream week a reality?
  9. Ask a friend to be your exercise accountability buddy for the month of December and e-mail each other at the end of every week listing the exercise you did.
  10. If you would rather not mix friendship with exercise make me your exercise accountability buddy.  Drop me a note at erin@vintagefitness.ca.  The chances of you exercising regularly in December will go up dramatically and it is free!

Good Luck,

Vintage Fitness & Spirit50

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Vintage Fitness is an in home personal training company in Toronto, Canada.  We specialize in energizing the lives of people over 50 with exercise. 

Spirit50 is an On-line personal training with an expert in 50+ fitness.  Inspiring movement for life.

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