Is private personal training right for your parents?

In home private personal training could be a good option for your parents to help them build their strength, balance, flexibility and energy.

When making the decision about personal training for your parents consider:

  1. Do they have multiple health conditions such as diabetes, a heart condition or dementia that would benefit from one on one care?
  2. Do they prefer getting out of the house to a gym environment or would they like to exercise at home?
  3. Does personal training fit into the family budget? Market rates in Toronto range from $60-$120 per session.
  4. Are they self motivated to exercise on their own or would they benefit from an older adult fitness expert motivating them?
  5. Are they comfortable and safe exercising on their own?
  6. Would they enjoy setting fitness goals such as improved balance and following a personalized program to achieve their goals?

If you decide that private personal training is right for your parents make sure to pick a trainer that has experience and qualifications to work with older adults.

If your parents live in the Greater Toronto Area (as far west as Burlington, as far east as Scarborough, as far north as Unionville and everything in between!) and would like a free consultation with a Vintage Fitness personal trainer drop me a note

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