Exercise and Aging

Wisdom from our clients

I am grateful to be running Vintage Fitness, which specializes in energizing the lives of people over 50 with exercise for the past 11 years.  This week I would like to thank our clients and share some of the wisdom that they have taught me over the years about aging well.

  1. Be willing to try:
    Clients that start and stick with their exercise are willing to be vulnerable and try something different and at first scary.
  2. Don’t look back:
    Wasting time focusing on what your body used to be able to do doesn’t help in setting inspiring goals now.  Focus on what your body can do now and celebrate your progress and success along the way.
  3. Be willing to learn:
    The first month of a new exercise program is about your brain learning how to do different movement patterns. It is great for brain health as it challenges your brain in a new way and once you have the movement patterns down the exercise feel much easier.
  4. Take a long term view
    We live in a culture that is all about the RIGHT NOW but slow and steady works much better when it comes to exercise.  Gradual changes in speed, distance and weight, consistency with doing the exercise will result in long term changes in your energy levels, weight and strength.
  5. Find an exercise that you love
    If you hate commercial gyms don’t force yourself to go.  Try lots of different types of exercises such as Nordic Walking, Zumba Gold, Yoga, Walking, at home exercise, Pilates, Biking and find something that you enjoy.

Good luck


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