Exercises for Dad

In honour of fathers day on Sunday this blog is all about the best exercises for Dad.  At Vintage Fitness we have been training men over 50 for the last 11 years.  Some of the trends that we see are

Poor posture

This can cause a slumping of the shoulders forward, weak muscles in the upper back and a tight chest.

Posture Exercises

See our better posture exercise routine

Weak hamstrings

This is a very common in golfers and clients that are walkers.  This often brings low back and hip pain

Hamstring Exercise

See our exercise to ease lower back and leg pain

Beer belly

Research shows that for every decade of life after 30 most people gain 10 pounds, often in the waist for men.

Cardio Exercise Program

See our exercise routine to improve heart health

Loss of strength especially in the upper body

Clients that move to condos in retirement stop doing household chores and often don’t do any weight training.  Over time the muscles weaken making everyday and leisure activities difficult.

Upper Body Strengthening Program

See our exercise routine to improve upper body strength

Father's Day Promotion

Vintage Fitness is offering a fathers day promotion if you want to give your Dad or yourself a taste of what a 50+ fitness expert could do for your health.



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