Fall proof your home - Fall Prevention Series 4/5

In the last couple of blogs I have reviewed why so many older adults fall and the best leg and balance exercises to prevent a fall.   This week I want to cover some common sense methods to help to fall proof your home.  There are many home hazards that can increase your risk for a fall.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you have any broken or uneven steps in the interior or exterior of your home?
  • Do you have throw rugs in front of your sink or at the top or bottom of steps (they are especially risky if they are starting to curl at the ends)
  •  Is there a lot of clutter in your home that could be easily tripped over?
  • Do you have handrails along stairs and in your bathroom?
  • Do you try to change light bulbs using an unsteady stool?
  • Do you have a grab bar in your tub/shower?
  • Do you check your medications regularly?
    • Medications that relax you, help you sleep, or improve your mood can increase your risk of falling
    • Use only 1 pharmacy and never take someone else’s medications
    • Alcohol affects medication – be careful
  • Do you pay close attention when walking outdoors (especially for curbs and uneven stones)?
  • Do you have your vision checked every year?
  • Do you check your footwear regularly to make sure that they still have enough grip?

Good Luck!


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