Building Hip Strength

Developing strong, flexible hips helps to keep your lower back pain free, ease knee pain and prevent injury.  There are a few simple exercises when done regularly will build hip strength and stability.

Leg Lifts outer thigh

Leg Lifts outer thigh

Great exercise for the outer thigh and hip.

Make sure you keep your hips forward during this exercise.

Try 10 times on either side.

Leg Lifts inner thigh

Leg Lifts inner thigh

The inner thigh is often not exercised enough and it becomes tight and weak causing problems with pelvic alignment which can lead to back and hip pain.

Keep the hips forward

Try 10 repetitions on either side.

Slow marching

Slow marching

This exercise works the front of the hip as well as working your heart.

Stand up tall when doing this exercise- no slouching. 

Try 10-20 repetitions either side.

Seated outer hip stretch

Seated outer hip stretch

If you like to walk for exercise, have any hip, lower back or knee pain this stretch could benefit you. 

You should feel the stretch in the outer hip. 

Try holding the stretch for 30 seconds to 2 mins as it takes a while for the hip to relax enough to stretch.

Good Luck!


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