Why walking isn’t enough

Don’t get me wrong, walking is a great exercise for the heart, legs and brain and it is a great addition to any exercise program but if you are over 50 and want to reduce bone density loss, maintain your upper body strength and keep your core muscles strong and stable, walking isn’t enough.  The personal training team at Vintage Fitness, in-home personal training in Toronto, see the transformation that adding weight training has for their 50+ clients everyday.

If you are an avid walker and prefer to walk outside try:

  1. Nordic pole walking- this will improve your walking posture and recruit more muscles in your upper body.  Strength exercises such as holding the poles in front of you and sitting onto a park bench can be incorporated.
  2. Interval train during your walk with exercise such as side steps, rows with an exercise band and stair climbing.  Here is a stair climbing video for you
  3. Try walking three days a week and strength training twice a week.  If you have never strength trained and would like a in-home personal training session with an expert in 50+ fitness drop me a note erin@vintagefitness.ca

Good Luck


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