Don’t just put up with stress incontinence- treat it

Good Morning.  I hope that you are enjoying the rainy morning here in Toronto.   I have to admit that after having 3 kids I assumed that I would always avoid trampolines, go pee before heading out the door and make sure that my bladder didn’t get really full to make sure that I didn’t leak urine.  I decided a few months ago that I shouldn’t have to put up with this and started doing a bit of research.

I found Sara Wong, a physiotherapist in the west end of Toronto that specializes with pelvic floor health.  She is a part of a group of physiotherapists called Pelvic Health Solutions

Sara taught me that doing endless kegal exercises isn’t always the answer.  You have to make sure that the pelvic floor is functioning properly so that it is working in regular movements such as squats.  We reviewed a variety of pelvic floor exercises that include the standard lifting of the pelvic floor, pushing from the top to the  bottom of the pelvic floor and stretching the groin muscles.   You also want to make sure that the pelvic floor is functioning well during movements like squats. 

If you suffer from stress incontinence:

  1. Get your pelvic floor strength checked by a specialist
  2. Do a variety of pelvic floor exercises including pulling up (like you are stopping the flow of urine), pushing down (similar feeling as a bowel movement) and stretching your groin muscles
  3. Think about your pelvic floor muscles when you do squats.  Does your pelvic floor open at the bottom of the squat? Can you pull up your pelvic floor at the top of the squat?

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