Work your core without hitting the floor

The benefits of having a strong core go way beyond how your waist looks.  A strong core, which includes your abdominal and lower back muscles, will give you better balance, reduce lower back pain and injury and keep you looking trimmer.  One of the most common mistakes that the Vintage Fitness (in home training for the 50+) personal trainers see is clients that have an established walking or swimming/aqua-fit routine but do no extra training for their core.

When we asked our clients why they didn't train their core the key reasons mentioned where they didn't want to have to go down on the floor and they weren't sure which exercises to do.

Here is a exercise program that works your core safely without having to get on and off the floor.  You will need a soft ball (dollar store is fine here) and an exercise band.  To see videos of these exercise go to Spirit50 Youtube channel.

Target Muscles: Abdominals

Target Muscles: Abdominals

You can use a door jam or loop the exercise band in the stair banister. 

REPS: 10

TIPS: Keep your back straight

Target Muscles: Lower Back

Target Muscles: Lower Back

Place a small soft ball in your lower back and lean back into it

REPS: 15

Target Muscles: Abdominals

Target Muscles: Abdominals

TIPS: Push hard down into the ball bracing your core as you push

Exhale and you push down and to make it harder push slowly

REPS: 15

If you live in the GTA and are interesting in home personal training with a Vintage Fitness trainer drop me a note

Good Luck!


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