Nordic Pole Walking


Nordic Pole Walking is a highly effective low-impact exercise that takes walking to a new level of fitness.   Using special light weight walking poles, Nordic Pole Walking (NPW) combines the ease of walking with the benefits of strength training into one fun, enjoyable and social activity. 

Which parts of my body are being trained/exercised?

  • NPW  exercises 90% of body’s muscles (over 600 muscles).
  • Unlike regular fitness walking which just works the lower body muscles, NPW strengthens all the muscles of the upper body at the same time.

Is Nordic Pole Walking good for the heart too?

  • Nordic Pole Walking increases your heart rate by approx. 15 beats/ minute.

How does Nordic Pole Walking lead to an erect body posture?

  • Nordic Pole Walking stabilizes the muscles around the spine to improve body posture .

How many Calories are burned in one hour of Nordic Pole Walking?

  • Nordic Pole Walking increases burning of calories by up to 46% in comparison to walking exercise without Nordic Poles.

Is there less impact to the joints than with jogging or running?

  • Nordic Pole Walking reduces impact on your knee and hip joints by 30%.

Does Nordic Pole Walking help reduce pain?

  • Nordic Pole Walking reduces pain & muscle tension in neck, shoulder and back region

Any other benefits from Nordic Pole Walking?

  • Improves diabetes metabolism and improves insulin uptake into muscle cells
  • Reduces high blood pressure, high blood fat levels and high blood glucose levels
  • Strengthens and mineralizes bones
  • Releases endorphins (“feel good” hormones in the brain) which are responsible for the elevated mood during and after exercise
  • Reduces levels of depressive illness, anxiety and other mental health related conditions

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