How to Stick to your Exercise Plan: a client case study

Good Afternoon.  I hope that you are enjoying the spring weather in Toronto this week.  A great question was emailed through to me this week "tell me about a client who sticks with their exercise plan- how do they do it great question.  There are a few habits that a few Spirit 50 clients have that helps them stick and stay with exercise even when they are injured or having a rough week.  This is a case study of a client named Tom.  Tom has a complicated health history with severe arthritis in his neck, heart disease and shoulder mobility issues.  He has lost 70 pounds by watching what he ate and exercising and his new habits helped him manage his depression.  Tom is an inspiration to me because he tackles all of the obstacles that come in his way and does the best that he can.

How does he do it?

  1. He advocates for his health: Tom does not sit and wait for someone else to fix his health issues, he researches the condition and seeks professional help fuelled with information and an understanding of what his body needs
  2. He keeps accountable: Tom and I have regular video chats which keeps him accountable to his exercises
  3. He does what he loves: Tom loves to row and hates the gym so instead of forcing himself to join a gym he regularly uses his rowing machine.  There are lots of different ways to use the same piece of equipment such as intervals and distance targets--keep creative!
  4. He congratulates himself for how far he has come: It is human nature to think about how we want to be stronger, thinner, more flexible but celebrate the small steps along the way.  Some clients wonder why they get points on Spirit 50 for filling health history information, it is because they are starting the process! Sometimes that first step is the hardest one to take.

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