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Weak back and tight shoulders? Here are the best exercises for you.

The most common condition affecting new Vintage Fitness 50+ clients are weak lower backs causing discomfort and tight, stiff shoulders. Often the root cause of these issues is poor posture and too much time sitting hunched over. 

Both exercises below will help to lengthen and straighten the spine giving your lower back and shoulders some relief.  Do these exercises everyday for a few weeks to really notice a difference and then drop down to every couple of days.

The exercise pictures come from the database of Spirit 50 my on-line personal training website.

Airplane exercise

Airplane exercise
Airplane exercise
  • Strengthens the back
  • Relax your shoulders
  • Keep your chin tucked so that you don’t strain your neck
  • Do the exercise 10 times

Shoulder stretch

Shoulder stretch
  • Stand against the wall
  • Relax your shoulders
  • Tighten your abdominal muscles

Good Luck!


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