Top personal training tips to stick with your exercise program

Well it is January 9th, the weather is cold here in Toronto and the excitement and newness of the new years resolution that you made is starting to fade.    This is a great time for a few tips that the Vintage Fitness personal trainers use to help their clients stick with exercise and healthy living.

  1. Break Your Goals Up: A common new years resolution mistake is to create lofty goals without a game plan.  The goal seems unattainable when you see no progress and it becomes hard to stick with it.  Vintage Fitness personal trainers take the lofty goal and break it into smaller, tangible goals when they work with their 50+ clients.  Clients see their progress from week to week and that large goal doesn’t seem so impossible.  Another tip for goal setting is to make it something important to you—write down the impact that achieving your goal will have on your life and post it on your fridge.
  2. Plan Ahead: To successfully create new exercise habits you need to plan them into your life.  Every Sunday night sit down in front of your calendar and write in your exercise plans for that week.  How many times do you plan to exercise for and for how long?   Do you have a balance of cardiovascular, strength and flexibility exercise in the plan? What usually stops you from exercising and how can you remove the block? For example look at the weekly forecast and plan to walk on days were the weather won’t be barrier for you.
  3. Be Accountable: One of the main reasons that personal training works is that clients are accountable to their trainer.  They know that their trainer will be there for the training appointment or asking them about their exercise so they do it.  If you live in Toronto and are interested in working with a personal trainer that is specialized to work with 50+ clients drop me a note at

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