4 tips for a healthy holiday

As December hits the excitement of the holiday season mounts.  It is wonderful to think about time with family and socializing with friends.  A few personal training clients with Vintage Fitness here in Toronto have asked me to write a few tips to keep them on track with their exercise habits over the holidays.

Lose the all or nothing attitude: It is common for people to go all out over the holidays with lots of food, drink and no exercise with plans to turn over a new leaf in January.  Try taking the holidays with a bit more moderation--have fun and enjoy treats with friends but don't tell yourself that anything goes until January.

Make some social holiday events active: By boxing day most of us have had our fill of rich food, drink and sitting.  Suggest a walk, bowling, curling or dancing instead of a dinner.

Don't wait to set your fitness goals: Take some time in December to think about what your 2015 fitness goals will be -- Walking a 5k? Trying nordic pole walking? Trying Zumba Gold? Booking an assessment with a personal trainer?

Put it in your calendar: On Sundays when you are planning out your week, put in your exercise like you would an appointment--this will increase your chances of fitting them into your busy holiday schedule.

If you live in the Toronto area would like to talk to a personal trainer that is specialized to work with clients over 50 drop me a note erin@vintagefitness and I will book you in for a free consultation with a Vintage Fitness trainer.

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