5 tips to spice up your walking routine

 Happy Friday! 

When first chatting with a new client the most common exercise they are currently doing is walking.  There are lots of great benefits to walking including heart health, leg strength and preventing cognitive decline.  The mistake that many clients make is walking the same route every time and not incorporating any strengthening or stretching into their routine.  No problem if you hate gyms or prefer exercising outside, these tips are ones that you can use anywhere.

  1. Try using Nordic Walking Poles: walking poles make your heart work 15% harder, increase your stability when you walk and improve your posture.  One of the Vintage Fitness trainers, Lorne Opler, is an expert on pole walking and would be happy to help you learn the basics or show you a few new tips.
  2. Incorporate park benches: If you walk near a park stop at a few of the benches and do leg strengthening moves such as sitting into and out of the bench and doing push-up from the back of the bench.  Try this exercise as well
  3. Try intervals: During your next walk instead of walking at the same speed the whole time do a few minute or two intervals faster and then slow down to your regular pace in between
  4. Stretch before you come in the house: Use your front steps and stretch out your calf, hamstring and front of your legs.  My blog from last week shows these stretches.
  5. Plan your walks out at the beginning of the week to add variety. Is there a hill route that you can build in one day, can you plan slower, longer walk with a friend on another day?

Good Luck


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