Can balance training be safe?

Balance train on the floor

The Vintage Fitness trainers work with many clients who would like to improve their balance but are worried about falling during balance training.

The great thing about balance training is that it makes you more stable and will help to prevent tripping and falling.  There are lots of ways to make sure that you are training your balance in a safe and effective way.

Balance train on the floor

I know that getting up from the floor can be tricky at times but it is important to stay strong and flexible enough to be able to do it.  The exercise below is called bird dog and it will challenge your balance and strength the muscles that line your spine. 

  • start on your hands and knees and straighten your right leg back and your left arm forward then repeat with the opposite arm and leg
  • Do the exercise 8-12 times on either side

Balance train in the pool

Balance train in the pool

Standing in the shallow end of a pool holding on to the side of the pool is the perfect place to challenge your balance.  The only risk is that you will get a bit wet!

  • balancing on one foot
  • side leg lifts
  • lift your heels one at the time off the pool floor
  • try closing your eyes

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