Tips for a healthy holiday season

At this time of year the pace always feels a bit frantic and the social schedule is often full.  Take a few minutes today to consider your overall health and make a few plans to ensure that you are taking care of yourself heading into the holidays.   I find it helpful to think not only about my exercise patterns but consider mind, body and spirit wellness.


Take 5 minutes out of your day today and do this breathing exercise: Sit up tall in a chair or stand--as you take a deep breath in through your nose with your mouth closed think "I am happy" and as you exhale out your nose think "in this moment"


  • Be creative with your exercise--if you don't have time to get your workout in think about how you can increase activity in your day such as chair dancing, parking far away at the mall, taking that extra trip to the basement to do household chores
  • Have one "cheat meal" every week--the catch is even during your cheat meal you only take one plate of food


Think about an activity that would help to "fuel" you today so that you have energy and enthusiasm going into the holidays--for me it is putting a hot yoga class into my schedule every week

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