Why fitness testing is important for older adults

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I hope that you have recovered from the crazy storm that we had in Toronto on Monday night! 

Have you ever had a fitness test? It is not as horrible as you may be imagining in your head.  There is a well established test called the "Seniors Fitness Test" which is a series of 8 activities that look at leg strength, cardiovascular health, arm strength, flexibility and balance.

The top reasons to have a personal trainer do a fitness test with you are:

1. Set better goals based on real metrics as opposed to an illusive number on the scale

2. Have a benchmark to work from and if you are numbers person your trainer can see how you fare against other people your age

3. Learn more about your body--you may be strong than you think!

4. Reduce your risk of falls by highlighting and addressing balance issues

5. See your progression from one test to the next

If you live in the Toronto area and would like one of the Vintage Fitness trainers to come by and do a seniors fitness test with you (you may just want one session and do your own thing from there) drop me a note erin@vintagefitness.ca

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