Use it or lose it

 Good Afternoon,

In the McMaster University alumni magazine, network, they have a good summary about a scientific conference held at the University called Use it or Lose it- Secrets of a Healthy Brain.

 The tips offered by their experts are:

  1. Engage your mind: It is possible to train our brains to improve at any age.  Keep pushing your brain to the limit.
  2. Healthy Eating: Research shows that a Mediterranean diet may work well to prevent age-related cognitive decline.
  3. Stay Active: It's never too late to get fit.  Even people with memory changes can slow the decline with physical activity.
  4. Reduce Stress: Research shows that those in less stressful environments have increased cognitive ability
  5. Get lots of rest: Seven or eight hours a night is the optimal amount 

* Taken from McMaster network magazine, Spring 2013


Good Luck!



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