Three reasons to train with an older adult fitness specialist

 Good Afternoon,

As the weather in Toronto slowly starts to warm up, many older adults start to think about getting back to their exercise routines.  One of the most common questions that people ask me is "why work with a Vintage Fitness personal trainer who only works with 50+ clients?".

  1. COMPLETE HEALTH HISTORY: We take the time in the first session to do a full health history developed with older adults in mind.  This ensures that we understand your health concerns and build a program for you that is suitable.  Did you know if you are on certain heart medications it will affect your heart rate which means that the perceived exertion scale is better to use than a heart rate check?
  2. EXPERIENCE: We work regularly with clients with low bone density, Parkinsons, Cancer, Diabetes, Depression, balance issues, heart disease, arthritis, low motivation and weight issues and know how to properly plan an exercise program for these conditions. 
  3. WE WORK AS A TEAM: We are a team of six personal trainers all with different motivational styles and expertise.  We work across Toronto in clients homes and often work as a team to help clients achieve their goals. 

If you have any questions about the Vintage Fitness team of personal trainers or you live in Toronto and would like a trainer to come and work with you drop me a note


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