7 tips to avoid holiday weight gain

The beginning of November is the perfect time to look forward to the fun and connection with family and friends that the holiday season brings but also a great time to plan to stay healthy and regret free going into 2012.
1. Put your exercise schedule in your appointment book for December now and treat your sessions as you would a medical appointment
2. Have a healthy snack before you go out to a holiday party to avoid arriving hungry
3. Limit alcoholic drinks to 1-2 per day over the holidays
4. Stay away from creamy, high calorie drinks such as egg nog
5. Write your new years’ resolutions now and post them on your fridge to keep them top of mind
6. Try setting a limit of one sweet treat per holiday party so that you don’t feel like a stick in the mud but also don’t use the holidays as an excuse to over indulge.
7. Plan to exercise more than normal in December to counterbalance the extra calories of the holiday season

Good Luck

Erin Billowits
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