Do baby boomers have unrealistic fitness goals?

A survey done by National Public Radio, Robert Wood Foundation and the Harvard School of Public Health found that baby boomers are for the most part unprepared for retirement both emotionally and physically.

  • Only 13% of people over 50 said they expect their health to be worse in retirement yet 39% of retirees say they experienced health decline in retirement.
  • 1% of people who have not yet retired think that the amount of exercise they do will decrease in retirement yet it is the case for 34% of retirees

We know that exercise is the closest thing to a fountain of youth yet we are still not doing it even in retirement.

What can you do to set retirement fitness goals that you will keep?

  1. BE REALISTIC: If you hate running and get breathless walking up a flight of stairs then a 10k retirement run is not the best goal for you-- start thinking about what goals are exciting and feel achievable to you.
  2. PLAN: Unless you plan specific actions to increase the amount of exercise you do in retirement it won’t happen. Which activities, where, when and how often?

Good Luck

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