Exercise planning for Toronto's snowbirds

As the fall starts to turn cool and rainy, many of Toronto's boomers that go to warmer pastures over the winter start to plan their departure dates and winter plans. Exercise plans for while you are away are a key part of the planning.

Here are top tips:

  1. MAKE AN ACTIVITY SCHDULE: To stay healthy while you are away try to do 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise for 30 mins most days of the week, strength training 2-4 times a week and stretching a few days a week. What cardio activities do you like that you are able to do while you are away: walking, biking, golf, exercise classes, swimming?
  2. MAP OUT YOUR EXERCISE ROOM: If you are staying at a condo chances are they have an exercise room that you can do your strength training. Make sure that you know how to properly use the equipment—if you have questions take a picture of the equipment and e-mail it to erin@vintagefitness.ca and I will help you understand what the equipment is for and the best way to use it.
  3. BRING EXERCISE EQUIPMENT WITH YOU: If you are staying in a home then plan to bring a few pieces of easily transportable exercise equipment with you including an exercise band, mat and a few home exercise DVD’s. Vintage Fitness has a exercise travel kit if you are interested.
  4. BUY NEW SHOES: Most people don’t replace their running shoes often enough. Depending on your mileage you should buy new shoes at least once every year. A good test of the support left in your shoes is to walk on a pebbled surface—if you can feel the pebbles you need new shoes.
  5. CREATE YOUR WELLNESS GOALS BEFORE YOU LEAVE: If you have vague goals such as losing the illusive five pounds and don’t write them down or track them the chances of success are small. Try writing down a few specific goals such as:
    • a. I plan to start weight training 2 times a week by using the gym equipment every Tuesday and doing a strength exercise DVD every Thursday. I will know that it is making a difference because I will feel stronger and I will have maintained my bone density and my next doctors visit.
    • b. I plan to be able to walk 5 km by the end of January. I will train for the goal by walking every morning increasing my distance by 10-20% every week.

Good Luck
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