Could real-time feedback inspire you to stick with exercise

An article in the September/October edition of Fitness Business Canada showed that adherence to exercise improved greatly when adults tracked their patterns on a PDA or smartphone.
A study done by the American College of Sports Medicine was the first of its kind to examine the role of physical activity self-monitoring on weight loss and exercise adherence. The research split 189 overweight adults into three self monitoring programs:
1. Paper records only
2. Personal digital assistant (PDA) without daily feedback messages
3. PDA with daily feedback messages such as “Don’t get disheartened, you still have time to meet your physical activity goals for the day”

The group which monitored their exercise with a PDA and received daily feedback messages adhered best to their exercise program and lost more weight after 6 months than the other two groups. The researchers suggested that real time feedback not only lets people make changes to their exercise programs but holds people accountable to staying on track.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this study. Do you think that you would find a self monitoring electronic program motivating? Send me a note and let me know at

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