Weight Loss for Adults Separate the facts from fiction

The world of weight loss is full of mis-information and short term hypes. Take this quiz which appeared in men’s health this month to help to learn the truth about weight loss:

1. Eating six small meals instead of three regular ones
a. Speeds up your metabolism
b. Controls your blood sugar
c. Both of the above
d. None of the above
Answer D: Frequent eating helps some people lose weight because it staves off hunger pains but a recent Syracuse University study found that eating six meals a day increased blood sugar levels compared to three. The bottom line is eat as often as you like but keep an eye on portion sizes

2. “Reduced Fat” on food packaging also means:
a. Lower calorie
b. Lower carbohydrates
c. It will reduce fat in your body
d. Someone is trying to trick you
Answer D: The packaged item may have less fat than its full fat counterpart but it may have more calories and carbohydrates—focus on overall calorie count not fat content

3. White rice or brown?
a. Brown because it has more fiber and vitamins
b. White because it has fewer calories
c. Doesn’t matter they are pretty much the same
d. Doesn’t matter once it ‘s covered with sauce
Answer C or D: Brown rice does have 3 grams more fiber than white rice but some studies have found that brown rice contains anti-nutrients that may block the absorption of some of its own nutrients—eat some white rice if you like but don’t cover it with high calorie sauces.

4. Lifting weights will:
a. Beat cardiovascular work for muscle building but won’t help your heart
b. Match cardiovascular work for fat burning and beat it for building muscle
c. Build more muscle and but burn less fat than cardio
d. Wear out your joints
Answer B: A University of Colorado study compared the amount of energy burned stationary cycling and weight training and found that both types of exercise burnt the same amount of fat over a 24 hour period

5. Low carbohydrate diets work well because you consume
a. Fewer calories
b. Less junk food
c. Lots of protein
d. All of the above
Answer D: Protein makes you feel fuller for longer so you consume fewer calories. Low carbohydrate diets all cut out the highly processed junk food that is full of calories.

6. Taking in most of your daily calories at night
a. Blunts growth hormone output, hindering your weight loss efforts
b. Can make you fatter because your metabolism slows down at night
c. Doesn’t matter as long as it is not bar food
Answer C: It makes no difference if you prefer heavier breakfast or dinners as long as your overall daily intake and burn stay the same. The one caveat that I would add here is that if you eat no breakfast you will be craving high fat foods by 10am.

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