Weight loss tips from clients

I have been spending the last couple of weeks thinking about the mind set behind successful weight loss. Vintage Fitness is working with a few clients that need to lose extensive amounts of weight for their health and their stories, struggles and successes have inspired and intrigued me. I believe that the first couple of weeks of changing eating and exercise habits to try to lose weight are really difficult and need daily coaching and support. The tools that our clients have found helpful to get them through those first couple of weeks are:

  1. A sense of accountability to me or their trainer, knowing someone was going to have a friendly chat with them about their eating and exercise
  2. A few tips to keep them on the right track—the best type of tips are clear and concise—for example “you should eat more fruit and vegetables” is not that helpful but “replace your current breakfast with Greek yogurt and mixed berries and replace the diet Pepsi you have every afternoon with a water” is much easier to follow
  3. A daily log that they send to someone else about how they are feeling today, what their challenges and the good choices they made for that day
  4. A clear, reasonable weight loss target that includes not only weight but measurement and clothing size changes as well
  5. Someone to celebrate the small success on the way to their big goals

I notice that after a few weeks a transformation sometimes happens where their healthy eating choices become part of their life and they start to see and feel the benefits of their hard work—if you can make it here you are well on your way!

Good Luck
Erin Billowits
Vintage Fitness