Exercise will make you smarter

The latest research suggests that improvements in cognitive function could be as or more important than the physical benefits you get from exercise. Harvard Medical School showed that moderate intensity aerobic exercise improves reaction time, planning skills, scheduling, working memory and focus.

If you have a big meeting, social event that you are planning or just want to feel mentally sharp for spring try:

1. Moderate aerobic exercise for 20-60 minutes to increase blood flow to the brain and stimulate nerve cells
2. Go for an intensity where you breathe a bit faster and are a bit sweaty (75% of your heart rate maximum if you are using a heart rate monitor)
3. Drink enough water while exercising and just after your workout to ensure that exercise induced dehydration does not negate the boost in mental sharpness you are looking for
4. If you want to retain maximum brain tissue as you age, as shown on MET and PET scans, do 20-60 minutes of aerobic exercise 3-6 times a week
5. Try a new activity to keep your mind and body guessing and get maximum benefits from your workout

Nordic walking: If you are in interested in starting a group or would like a Nordic walking personal training session in Greater Toronto Area let us know
Rowing: Next time you are in the gym try the rowing machine—it is a fantastic total body workout
Mix it up: Don’t feel like you have to go on one machine for the whole time—try changing equipment every 10 minutes

If you want some advice on how best to incorporate aerobic exercise into your schedule to decrease your chances of cognitive decline as you age e-mail me at erin@vintagefitness.ca
Good Luck

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