Urban Pole Walking is a great exercise for seniors

Urban Poling started in Europe as a way for Nordic athletes to train in their off season. The walking poles have become a fitness trend internationally in the last ten years because you burn 25-40% more calories when you use walking poles, your posture is better and there is less strain on your joints compared to walking without poles.

There is a specially designed pole for seniors and people recovering from an injury called Activator Poles. These poles have an more ergonomically designed handle which puts less strain on the hand and wrist, have a safer locking feature for more stability and a better grip at the end of the poles.

Jackie Murdoch, one of the Vintage Fitness trainers, is a certified Urban Pole walking instructor who can get you started with urban pole walking either in a personal training session or a group class in Toronto’s west end.

A few tips from the Activator Poles website: http://www.activatorpoles.com/Technique1.htm

Step 1

Ensure that you use the correct right and left pole as indicated on the top of the handle.

Step 2
Stand tall, keeping your elbows at a 90° angle. Ensure your poles are always vertical. Keep your elbows bent the entire time you are walking.

Step 3
Walk forward with the poles in the same manner as you walk: Put your left leg and right arm forward, then vice versa. Do not keep your arms static; move your arms (with a bent elbow) forward and backward.

Step 4
Don't grip the handle tightly. Push down on the base of the handle to increase your stability and balance.



Erin Billowits
Vintage Fitness


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