Should you buy toning shoes


Spring looks like it has finally arrived and buying a new pair of shoes to get out and enjoy the weather seems like the right thing to do. I have been curious about toning shoes such as Skechers shape-ups, ReeboK Easytone, Fitflops and the New Balance true balance range. The premise behind toning shoes is to create instability to make your core muscles, leg and butt muscles work harder similar to walking on soft sand. I think that the concept is a good one but the marketing hype has taken the idea and transformed it to a magic bullet that means that you no longer need to go to the gym.


Like most trends in fitness the right answer always lies in moderation. Here are a few tips:
1. Buy toning shoes to use sparingly (1-2 hours) for everyday use as opposed to running or walking with them due to the weight of the shoes
2. If you have issues with your lower back, hips or knees be very careful with your use of the shoes as they may put extra pressure on joints while your body is compensating for the new type of movement
3. Correct posture when walking is paramount with or without toning shoes—stand tall, pull your abdominal muscles in and your shoulder blades back and down
4. Toning shoes are not a magic bullet that means that you do not have to strength train, do your cardiovascular exercises or stretch
My plan is to buy a pair for the cottage to walk down to the dock and maybe walk the dog but I will slip on my high performance light weight running shoes when it is time for my workouts.

If you have any experience or a different point of view about toning shoes I would love to hear from you at

Good Luck!
Erin Billowits
Vintage Fitness

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