How to start an exercise program

On Tuesday I was interviewed for a tv program all about health and wellness and was asked what the most important thing that zoomers should know before starting a new exercise program. My response was a bit different than you may find in a fitness magazine.

  1. Believe: The success rate for people that enter into fitness programs because someone advised them without really believing in the value is pitiful. The first step in any lifestyle change is truly believing that exercise can transform your life. It can be the positive spark that causes amazing changes in your eating, body image, health metrics and self esteem.
  2. Weight train: Only 10% of Canadian seniors weight train yet it is the most important exercise for them. To build lean muscle, dense bones and increase your metabolic rate you need to strength train. 
  3. Think of exercise like a part time job: Most people do not exercise as much as they should. Instead of thinking about exercise as a once a week activity, think of it as a part time job that requires 4-6 hours a week.  The job requires strength training 2-4 times a week, cardiovascular training such as jogging, swimming or biking 4-5 times per week and light stretching everyday.

It is truly amazing the difference in results that clients achieve when they know that exercise will add vibrant years to their life compared to the ones that pay the topic lip service because they feel they should.

Good luck!

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