Sitting too long could make you sick


An extensive new study done by the American Cancer Society  looked at how much leisure time people spent sitting with increased mortality rates. The study examined 53,440 men and 69,776 women and lasted 14 years. Not surprisingly, the more that you sit the higher incidence of an early death especially from cardiovascular disease. One of the interesting findings of the study is that even the active participants that sat 6 hours a day got sick and died more often than the active participants that only sat for 3 hours a day.
Many jobs and hobbies are becoming more and more sedentary as technology changes the way we work and play.

Here are a few tips to decrease your sitting time:

1. Substitute an exercise ball for your chair one day a week to keep your core working as you work
2. Get a dog—this will force you to get up and move around more often
3. If you are working on a laptop shift it to a high counter for a part of the day and stand to work
4. Pace while you are taking at least one of your calls—this will keep your mind and body working
5. Use portable technology to your advantage and ask for a walking meeting
6. Drinks 6-8 cups a day of water and/or herbal tea—this will keep you up and down making the tea as well as visits to the toilet

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