What 90% of women don't know about their annual mammograms

Did you know that your mammogram could be less effective if you have dense breast tissue?

A client sent me this link to some really interesting new information about the effectiveness of mammograms on women with dense breast tissue.  It was new information for me that will have a profound impact on how informed you are going into your next mammogram.

Here are some amazing facts:

1. Breast cancer survival rate exceeds 90% if the tumor is found when it is very small

2. Mammograms are more effective with fatty breasts than more dense breasts, in fact 80% of tumors were found on fatty breasts and only 40% in dense breasts in the research presented in the video clip

3. Two thirds of women in their forties have dense breasts and one third retain their dense breast tissue post menopause

4. A new detection system called molecular breast imaging (MBI) has been developed that detects 83% of tumors in dense breast tissue versus 25% for mammography

5. 90% of women don't know their breast density and 95% of women don't know that breast density can affect the effectiveness of mammograms

6. Breast density information is included as a part of your annual mammogram--this study was American and I assume that the same information is true in Canada.  If you have any more information or another viewpoint or side to the story comment on this blog in facebook.

The video is 20 minutes and is well worth it


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