Put Your Luggage in the Overhead Storage With Ease

Properly putting luggage in the overhead bin compartment of a plane

Putting luggage in the overhead bin

This is week 2 of the blog series “making everyday activities feel easier”.  The topics are based on 12 years of clients asking Vintage Fitness trainers to help them to do these activities with ease.

This week is about how to train to put your luggage or anything heavy in a high cupboard or overhead bin. series is to show clients what exercises they should be doing to make their everyday activities feel effortless.  The examples are from current Vintage Fitness personal training clients here in Toronto.  If you have something in your life that you need to train for drop me a note erin@vintagefitness.ca.

  • The dog poo pickup
  • Putting luggage in the OH bin of an airplane
  • Getting up off the floor
  • Painting your toenails
  • Getting out of a deep sofa

Putting luggage in the OH bin of an airplane

Shoulder strength and flexibility, core strength to protect your back, leg strength and proper lifting technique are all needed to lift something heavy overhead.

When you lift overhead remember to

  • Brace your core (pretend that someone is about to punch you in the stomach)
  • Use your legs to lift the bag- it shouldn’t be all upper body
  • Don’t arch your lower back as you lift

Try these exercises to make lifting your luggage in the OH bin easier

Build leg and back strength

  • Brace your core
  • Stand tall
  • Try 15


Build shoulder strength


  • You can use an exercise band or hand weights
  • Try 15 reps
  • Imitate the motion of lifting something overhead

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