The Key to Achieving Your Health Goals in 2023 Is Grit

GRIT is key in achieving your fitness goals

The core values of Vintage Fitness are:

  1. Knowledge
  2. Empathy
  3. Grit

We hire trainers that align with these values and try to live out these values as a team everyday.  As 2022 draws to a close I have been thinking about why some seniors achieve their health goals and others aren't able to.  I think that the answer is GRIT.

For me grit means getting back up when you try to solve a problem in your life and the solution doesn't work out.  Grit means thinking creatively about a problem for the tenth time, knowing and giving yourself the permission and grace to try again. The majority of our clients are between 65-90 years old and many of them have told me that “getting older isn't for sissies” and I believe it.  They have all shown grit in their lives including grieving a loved one,  managing chronic health conditions and staying passionate about causes that are important to them.  Why can they show grit in their lives but when it comes to exercise give up at the first hurdle?  I am not certain but wonder if it is because they are not used to prioritising their own needs, they don't have confidence that they can stick with exercise and they have bought into the old adage that they should rest now that they are older.

I encourage you to use the grit that you have developed throughout your life and apply it to making healthy lifestyle choices. 

A couple of key concepts to think about:

See the Value: Do some research on the impact of exercise on your wellbeing to increase the perceived value of exercise in your life.  Exercise will improve your strength, add years to your life, prevent many diseases, make you feel happier and more confident and able to do all of your favourite activities.  It should be at the top of your priority list.

Write down how grit has helped you in your life: How have you used grit in your life before? Can this be applied to your exercise habits?

Recruit a support crew: Your motivation with fail (often around day 14 of a new habit).  Plan for dips in your motivation by getting support and accountability from friends, family, group programs.

Reward baby steps: Reward small steps to your big goals.  Celebrate adding five minutes to  your walk or putting the umbrella by the front door planning for a rainy walk the next day.

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