Client Success Story: 88 Year Old Stays Strong and Healthy

Kurt Wippel, 88 years old, stays strong and healthy with regular exercise

Guest Blogger: Cristina Fuchs. Vintage Fitness personal trainer in Mississauga and Oakville

An 88 year old Pole Vaulting champion stays strong and healthy with regular exercise.

Kurt Wippel has a lifetime of being an athlete. He was Austrian Champion of Pole Vaulting, participated in hockey and decathlon to name a few. He has always loved sports as his 90th birthday around the corner isn’t slowing him down.

He started working with Cristina, a Vintage Fitness personal trainer, 3 months ago and is doing great.  He strength and posture have improved as has an awareness of his body.  Kurt knows that his body needs exercise and it makes him feel happy when he is exercising regularly.  At 88 he knows that he can get injured more easily and feels confident with the guidance that Cristina gives him about the right exercise program and technique.

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