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Vibrant Vintage Fitness personal training clients

Written by: Bill Ross Vintage Fitness personal trainer, Markham

Vibrant people feel good about both their physical and mental condition. 

In 20 years of training people I have come across clients who enjoy life more than others, who are more vibrant.  They make wonderful clients for a trainer, they are more positive,  energetic, inquisitive, and  find positive things even in failure.  Some clients do not begin training with this lust for life, but many do develop a positive attitude.  With some changes most people can become more vibrant.  The pictures above are all vibrant Vintage Fitness personal training clients.

Most positive people have good support systems. Family and friends who encourage them.  Surround yourself with positive people.  Most cities and towns list social clubs that you could join and meet new like minded people.

Move more.  Exercise improves your mood and will improve your health.   Go for a walk.  In bad weather walk in a mall.  Join a gym.  If you are intimidated by a gym find an in home trainer.  A trainer will motivate you and encourage you.  As you become fitter you will feel more empowered in other aspects of your life.

Help others.  Donate unused items to a charity.  Volunteer at a local hospital or join a local service club.  Help an elderly neighbour take their trash to the curb. 

Smile more. Researchers tell us if we force ourselves to smile our mood improves.  Say hello to someone in the elevator and start a conversation.

Meditate.  Focus your thoughts on the positive things presently in your life.  Think of the good people and things from your past: old friends, teachers, spiritual leaders, family and friends.  Think of the good and positive things that you did in the past; for example, certificates, diplomas, awards, or even just good deeds you did.  Think about the best holiday you had or trip you took.

With a few changes in our behaviour we can all become more positive and vibrant.  I encourage you to try any of the ideas above and just see what can happen.

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