Squat Without Knee Pain

Learn from Bill how to do the perfect squat

This past week the Vintage Fitness personal training team watched a number of people in the Vintage community do squats after they complained about knee pain.  I noticed a few common errors that I wanted to address to take the strain off the knees when you squat.

Few squatting tips:

  1. Squat into a chair to help to ensure that you are sticking your butt out when you squat
  2. Keep your knees lined up with your ankles—don’t let them track forward
  3. Stand tall at the top of every squat to work on your posture as well as leg strength
  4. Do quarter squats at the bottom, mid-range, and top of the movement to add variety and challenge.


Thanks to Bill Ross, our Personal Trainer in the Marham area for his perfect squat video

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