Client Success Story: It Is All about Your Attitude

Dr. Don Fitz-Ritson is a Personal Trainer in the midtown Toronto area

A big congratulations to Darlene who has achieved amazing results in her personal training with Don (shown above) over the last three months.  Don is so impressed with her enthusiasm and desire to learn more about exercise and how it can transform her health.

Darlene commented that “Don keeps training sessions interesting with varied exercises, a sense of humor and focused coaching. He push’s and motivates me to work harder. It has worked!
In three months, I have:

  • better balance
  • am able to walk more
  • have less fatigue
  • have lost 5 pounds
  • feel some of my muscles for the first time in my life.

Don gives me a better understanding of the connections between the various muscles in the body which helps me understand what is happening as I work out. I enjoy more activities of daily living - like 
gardening and feel more confident.

The keys to Darlene’s success

  • Her positive attitude
  • Her bravery in taking a risk and trying something new
  • Her curiosity about her body and how it works
  • Her ability to set time aside to do the “exercise homework” that Don gives her

Thank you, Darlene, for being a role model to all of us at Vintage Fitness

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